"Happy Manufacturing" is the mantra adopted by Leading Star Garments which is unique to their business model and a jewel in their crown. The underlying principle is the employees' overall happiness and keeping their well-being intact. This includes fairness to all employees, good working conditions, higher salaries and less working hours. It thrives on the understanding that employees are human beings and not 'shipment slaves'. It is a combination of being satisfied with work and manifesting it through a positive attitude on the workplace on a daily basis.

The backbone of Leading Star Garments is happiness, and all decisions are based keeping this central idea in mind. The culture of happiness has perpetuated into every aspect of the business wherein the physical, social, mental and financial well being is taken care of. The happiness mantra also extends to include suppliers and buyers. LS believes that this spread of positivity across it's organization goes on to increase their efficiency, productivity and shows in their quality of work, giving them an edge over other apparel manufacturers.

"Manufacturing is a hard job, and it is my core responsibility to be able to recognize that and provide my employees with a safe, healthy and happy working environment. They do not work for me, but it is I who works for them. This is the least I can do", says Mr. Fores Chow.
Happy employees lead to success
Enable people to enrich their lives


Our diversified product portfolio across many product categories enables us to develop new product categories through combining the manufacturing techniques of different products. We also cross-promote existing and new products to increase further our scale and solidify our relationships with suppliers and customers as well as win new customers by satisfying their demands.


Our Product Development teams work with customers on product specifications, including advising on new raw material application, chemical treatment, washing techniques, and other value-added technologies, so as to enhance the contemplated designs for producing high-quality products.


Each of our product lines has a Research and Development (R&D) team that designs, customises and innovates manufacturing processes, work method and automation equipment to optimise the production process and costs. We are also committed to improving our process technology to enhance production efficiency, production techniques, reduce raw material consumption and waste discharges.


We have in-house R&D and production capability of a wide range of sustainable value-added services – including heat transfer and embroidery – offering our customers a one-stop value-added platform.


Our comprehensive and stringent quality management system governs every stage of the manufacturing process from purchase order placing, to before-delivery inspection, and to laboratory test. We operate certified in-house textile testing laboratories globally that conduct performance tests on our raw materials, semi-finished products and final products. As these laboratories are accredited by many of our customers, our self-inspection capabilities allow quick feedbacks and testing results.