Thanh Hoa

– Area: 11,129.5 km2

– Population: 3,640,128

– Aged Worker: 2,238,000

Binh Duong

– Area: 2,694.4 km2

– Population: 2,426,561

– Aged Worker: 1,270,000


Thanh Hoa

Binh Duong

Strategic Location

  • Thanh Hoa province is located in North Central Vietnam. The province is the gateway of connecting the North and the Central Vietnam. 155km south of Hanoi, 1,560km from Ho Chi Minh city.
  • The local traffic system is well established and efficient. Various means of transport including railways, Highway 1A and Ho Chi Minh Road linking the North and the South of Vietnam
  • Airport : 1hour 45 minutes from HCM airport to Tho Xuan airport (in Thanh Hoa center); 2km from main province street;
  • Sea ports : There are 2 ports around the area
    – Hai Phong (160 ~ 170km) (nearer than Binh Duong – Vungtau)
    – Nghi Son (40km)

A Green Factory

Thanh Hoa factories have two phases. Phase I has 80 sewing lines, planned to have production in August, 2022 and Phase II has another 80 sewing lines, planned to have production in March, 2023.

A green factory

  1. Solar electricity
  2. Rain water collection system for supplying water for our chiller systems, toilets, cleaning and flowering
  3. Auto fabric and accessories warehouse operations
  4. Anti-virus ventilation system
  5. Energy saving chiller system

Thanh Hoa Employees

  • Recruitment has never be an issue in this area (180,000 to 200,000 people/ district in Thanh Hoa)
  • Population: 3,640,128
  • Aged Worker: 2,238,000
  • Over 800 Leading Star ( LS) Binh Duong factories employees will come back Thanh Hoa, their home town to join Thanh Hoa LS

We surely can attract some big garment factories employees to our new factories, such as;

  • Viet Nhat (Vietnam – Japan) factory: 10,000 employees (Le Mon IP, Thanh Hoa city).
  • May 10 with 2 factories (5,000 ~ 6,000 employees in each factory).
  • Tien Son garment factory