Why Leading Star?

Today, Leading Star Vietnam stands as a role model for “Happy Manufacturing”; we embrace all the tenets, values and practices. A “Happy Manufacturing” company is a company where employees are driven to take on more knowledge-based work, and are promised with higher earnings in a caring environment. Leading Star Vietnam is a mass production, labour-intensive factory that takes on new technology to raise the quality of work and life.

“Happy Manufacturing” thrives in Leading Star Vietnam. Situated in a country that is making definite strides in economic development, it attracts investors seeking possible cost advantages, especially in labour cost.

Vietnam will continue to attract investment and grow organically even when costs increase. The belief rests on the premise that where “Happy Manufacturing” takes hold, the advantages of doing business in Vietnam will outweigh the temptation of seeking alternative low cost production centres – Why? – Because the mass production operations will be executed by a workforce that capitalizes on the mental capabilities and a management team that works through the social dimensions of work.